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    At FlexiTog we take every opportunity to test our products and technology to the extreme, this is why when we were asked to provide solution to help the Irish Wingsuit Team smash some world records, we were all up for the challenge!

    We were Contacted by the Irish Wingsuit Team and they outlined their record breaking plans...

    Jump at over 34 000 feet in temperatures of -59°C, that's a wind chill factor of around -96°C when they are flying at around 200 mph, and hopefully smash some world records for flight time, distance and so on.

    With a tight deadline of just over a month to provide and make a garment to fit their needs this is what we came up with.

    Our Solution

    We designed and made these custom 'jump suits' tailored to each member of the team.

    The suits used Clo Insulation, a high performance insulation, to provide maximum warmth and comfort and other features such as fabric with four way stretch to ensure the garment is flexible. We also provided some of our luxury thermals as a baselayer and a tight fitting thermal balaclava to go underneath their helmets and breathing apparatus.

    The Irish Wingsuit Team's world record breaking attempt

    After many practice runs on the days leading up to the big day, gradually gaining height on each one, on the 9th April 2017 the team were ready for the real thing.

    [powr-image-slider id=7c0dec88_1494591501]

    Their Achievements

    • FAI wingsuit time of flight World Record
    • Wingsuit time of flight Guinness World Record
    • Wingsuit horizontal distance of flight Guinness World Record
    • Wingsuit absolute distance of flight Guinness World Record
    • FAI wingsuit time of flight European Continental Record (twice)
    • FAI wingsuit horizontal distance of flight European Continental Record
    • Irish National records for Exit Altitude, Wingsuit horizontal distance of flight and wingsuit time of flight. 

    (FAI = The world governing body for all Aero Sports)


    The next challenge, -137°C !

    Shortly after we were contacted by Fraser Corsan, who plans to jump at 42,000 feet! He will be travelling up in a high altitude air balloon and while the balloon climbs he will be exposed to temperatures of -70°C for around 1 hour 15 minutes and when he jumps he will be aiming to reach 250 mph - that's a calculated wind chill of -137°C

    Check out his website www.projectcirrus.com where his project is described, and follow his progress below!

    17/04/17 Fraser contacted us to ask if we can design and make the suit

    12/05/17 Fraser received the suit and says 'they fit perfectly, huge thanks to whole team for support.'

    13/05/17 Fraser flies out to Sacramento for filming

    22/05/17 Fraser is undergoing some test jumps, with oxygen and equipment. Fraser did a test jump which wasn't as high as they hoped at 33000 feet but the equipment worked flawlessly and Fraser is well.

    24/05/17 Fraser and team move to Ontario for the actual jump, taking place in the high altitude balloon.

    27/05/17- Unfortunately the weather conditions were so bad this prevented the flight from taking place, this was a massive disappointment for Fraser and the team after all the effort that went into the day, however he did leave with one UK record. Keep an eye out for his next attempt!

    Watch the wrap up video


     Would you you like your very own custom suit?

    Contact us and our helpful team to get started! contact us